Sunday, 5 July 2020

Elizabeth Kirke’s Magic Vanished cover reveal!

Coming July 20th - Magic Vanished -- Just $0.99 and available on Kindle Unlimited 

 The next victim will be one of their own… They say it took one hundred magical beings to defeat the first Arcanist. Great care was taken to ensure the secret to his malevolent power died with him. Now the brutal reign of the Arcanist has become little more than a scary bedtime story. And yet, the descendants of his loyal followers are sworn to find a way to bestow his dark magic upon another. If they succeed, they’ll unleash a new terror upon an unsuspecting world. After defeating the dark wizard, Jen hoped the string of mysterious disappearances would stop. Yet when another person goes missing, she is forced to reopen the case. This time the stakes are higher than ever with the latest victim being one of her closest friends. Determined to unravel the mystery, Jen throws herself into a web of darkness few have ever escaped. 
Magic Vanished is Book Two in the Urban Fantasy series, Rise of the Arcanist, featuring witches, vampires, werewolves, and more. It is a New Adult spin-off of USA Today Bestselling author Elizabeth Kirke’s award-winning More than Magic series. If you like your paranormal mixed with a little mystery and true friendship, dive into your copy today. Rise of the Arcanist is a six book serial, with each installment releasing a month apart. You do *not have to read the original More than Magic trilogy to enjoy it.*

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

(The Drakki Chronicles #2 & Road to Hell series #5)


When an MMA fighter crosses paths with the head of a diamond empire as well as a demon from Hell, more than sparks will fly.

Frankie Bordeaux-Smith is content with her life out of the ring until a knock on her door thrusts her into the world of princesses and unicorns. According to the Romeros, she’s both, and now someone wants her dead.

Mated to each other, King and Hitchcock are settled in Black Hollow, running their coffee shop and diamond business. That is, until their quiet world is shattered by… a nun?

As assassins drift into the peaceful paranormal town, can the demon and dragon keep a unicorn alive while figuring out the latest twist of fate to their hearts?

One-click now to see if this modern day princess has found her kings!

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