Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Weird Dreams: episode two

Well, I did it again.  Yep. I ate before bed.  And this time, it wasn't just a cookie.  It was a greek sub accompanied by fries, gravy, and pepsi. Oh. And it was three hours past my bedtime. So here you go. The awesomeness that is my food induced dream. The starting scene is pretty basic.  Just picture me walking down a dirt road.

I walk until I reach a dead end.  There are a bunch of run down houses and broken down cars and trucks.  People are sitting around fires in barrels and children running around playing with dogs.  No one seems to notice me standing there.

There's a scream from somewhere in the forest and I jump, surprised.  I glance to the the desolate little group who don't seem to have heard a thing.  I open my mouth to yell to get the attention and I stop cold.  One woman is now staring at me, unblinking. She gives one slow shake of her head.
My voice sticks in my suddenly dry throat.

The scream comes again and and I run into the woods alone.


The scream stops.

I pause, trying to decide which direction the echos are coming from.

A rustle to the left has me dashing in that direction.  I immediately regret my decision to try and help.

Laying in the tall grass was a girl. Or what was left of her.  Large claw marks shredded through almost every inch of skin. I could see.  Her long blonde hair was a matted mess with dirt, leaves, and blood.

I race back to the road, and find the people from the sad looking homes all standing there.

"Shit." I abruptly dive right and manage to find an extra burst of speed as I head towards the safety of home.

Stumbling into the house, I try to catch my breath.

"Mi! What's wrong?" Allie hands me a bottle of water.

"Weird people.... scream... body..."

"What are you talking about?"

I manage to get my breathing under control.

"I was walking and I found this little clearing with some weird people in it.  There was this scream and none of them even bothered to look up except for one scary lady.  So I ran into the woods and there was a body.  It was ripped to shreds."  I rush to the bathroom and puke.

"It was probably a deer or something."

I shake me head.  "It was human.  It had long blond hair and ripped clothes and skin..." More of my breakfast makes it into the toilet.

I hear her talking on the phone.

"The police are coming to pick us up so you can show them."

I manage to brush my teeth and decide some gum won't hurt. Two officers pull up in a squad car and we get in the back.

It doesn't take long before I find myself facing the strange people of the clearing.

Allie looks at me.

I nod.  "I told you." I look to the cop beside me.  The freaked out look on his face is enough for me.  "The body was over here."  No one argues as I lead the way.

After an hour of walking around, I still can't find the victim. The blond cop (Kade) is getting impatient.

"I swear, I saw it."

"I believe her.  I've never seen her that upset."  Allie backs me up.

The dark haired cop (Jordan) bends with a frown.  "I found blood."

His partner joins him.

All of us jerk to attention at the sound of a growl to our left.

Jordan and Kade pull their guns and stand in front of us.

"RUN!"  Jordan hollers at us as he and his partner start to fire at whatever is crashing through the woods.

Instead of the cop car, we're greeted by the crowd of strange people with guns aimed at us.  I grab Allie's hand as we are pushed and shoved toward the... beautiful cabin on the edge of a lake...

"This is where you'll be staying."  Scruffy guy with a shotgun shows us to a beautiful room.  "If you need anything just give a call to the main cabin and we'll do our best to accommodate you.  Your boat is ready to go whenever you are."

Anthony claps his hands as we get our tackle and rods ready.  My son and I head out on the lake and find a spot we were told was producing some big pike. We start casting.  Anthony's excitement mounts as he gets a bit and his line tightens.

It takes a bit of work but he manages to pull Jaws into our fishing boat...

We get back on shore and everyone is cheering.

"He's killed the beast!"

I hear gun shots and look up from things I'm unloading.  Allie is running out of the woods and I can tell she's hurt.  She trips and falls, turning to look back at the woods where the gunshots are still happening.

A large shadow comes crashing out of the trees.  All I can make out is black.  It has no solid shape that can I can tell.  Allie screams and her body starts to glow.  She screams again and the glow gets brighter.

The dark thing jumps toward her.  Her third scream has her exploding into a ball of light.

I close my eyes at how bright the explosion is, but not before her light engulfs the dark thing.  Both of them disappear.

The glow starts to spread. It expands, disintegrating everything it touches.

I have time to think that Allie's light is so nice and warm before I poof into nothingness.

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