Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Teaser Tuesday (Dreamwalker)

Well, whoever bet on two weeks can kiss their money goodbye!  Three in a row, baby!  Lol! Alright, so this week, let's do one from Dreamwalker! Yay!  I have to thank everyone who took part and helped spread the word about the cover reveal.  You guys are truly phenomenal!
Enjoy and stay safe!
:)  Mireille

“Did you have a good sleep?” inquired Kate.
“Yes and no.  I don’t sleep very much and when I do, it’s lightly.  You never know when some of my uncle’s guards might stumble upon me.  You trashed about in your sleep last night.  Did you have a bad dream?”
Kate blushed.  “Yeah.  I dreamt that Veenata was trying to drown me.”
He grunted.  “I don’t know what got into her.  She’s usually mischievous, but she’s never hurt anyone intentionally.  You’re not feeling any ill effects, are you?”
She shook her head.  “Just the nightmare.  Is it true what I read in the books?  Is the lake her prison?”
He nodded.  “She used to be an elf.  When the sorcerer Loddos fell in love with her, he offered her everything she could possibly want.  Unfortunately for him, her heart already belonged to another.  Loddos killed him and again asked for her hand.  She refused him again.  He then banished her to the lake until she changed her mind.  When he was captured for the murder of her true love, no one was aware she’d been cast into the waters.  He was executed before he could break the spell and so she remains doomed to spend her life there.”
Some of Kate’s anger toward the nymph dispelled.  “Can’t another sorcerer get her out?”
“No.  The type of spell he cast can only be undone by him.  Some sorcerers put secondary ways of ending a curse into the spell, but if Loddos did, no one has found it yet.  For the most part, everyone has given up on Veenata.”
“No one goes to see her?”
Quallen shrugged.  “I do.  My sister did.  There are a few elves who still visit.”
“That’s so sad.”  Kate frowned.
“It is, though it’s no reason for her to try and drown you.”
She gave a small smile.  “I agree.”

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