Friday, 10 May 2013

Thank God it's Friday so Here's an Excerpt!

It's been one hell of a week (mostly for the good) and I'm exhausted. lol June 1st is rolling up quickly and I can't wait until my readers and their children get lost in Kallaryn.  Are you as excited about next Friday as I am?  I want to share the cover!
But since I can't, I thought I'd share a part of the story with you.  So, here's an excerpt from Dreamwalker, the first book in my new middle grade series Faerie Dreams.
Enjoy and stay safe!
:) Mireille

“There’s another change of Quasny’s clothes in here.  Get into something dry.”  He took his pack with him and disappeared into the woods.
Kate made her way behind a large bush filled with purple berries and changed.  Back on her blanket, she huddled close to the fire.  She didn’t have long to wait for Quallen’s return.
“It seems it’s bread and cheese for supper,” he grumbled.
She noticed he’d changed his pants but not his tunic.  He caught her glance.
“I can’t move my wings.”
“I’ll help you.”
“It will dry.”
She rolled her eyes.  “Your wet wings are lying against your wet tunic.  At this rate, you’ll still be wet in the morning.”  She motioned for him to turn around.  “Get your arms and head out and I’ll pull it backwards and get your wings through.”
It took a bit of effort to get the tunic off without hurting the prince’s wings, but with some careful maneuvering, they got it done.
“You’re hurt!”  She used the wet tunic to put pressure on the cut on his side.
“It’s fine.  It’s actually healed quite a bit.  I supposed you can’t go up against a dragon and expect to come out unscathed.” He shrugged.  “I must have reopened it when I pulled you out of the lake.”
“Did you get it? The ring?”
He shook his head.  “No.  It was the wrong dragon.”  He took over putting pressure on his side and went to get a dry tunic.
Her heart sank.  “Do you know where to look next?”
“No.  I’m at a standstill.  I have no idea how to go about saving my mother.  I need that ring.  Only someone pure of heart can wear that ring.  The instant my uncle puts it on, he’ll be proven evil.  The ring will project his worst secret for all to see.”
“What if he refuses to wear it?”
“Well, then they’ll know he has something to hide.  Either way, the kingdom will have to start doubting his intentions.”  His violet eyes met hers and he ran a hand over his face.  “I won’t allow him to do more wrong than he’s already done.”  Quallen made sure his injury was no longer bleeding before coming to stand by her again.
Kate took up one of the blankets.  “Here.  I’ll dry them as best I can before we try to get the tunic back on.”
Quallen hesitated before turning.  She softly patted them down then gently held them up in an attempt to get them to stay upright.
“Sorry.  They must not be dry enough yet.”  She let the wings hang down once again.
“It’s not your fault.”
“Can you feel them?”
He nodded.  “I just can’t move them.”  He handed her his tunic and she carefully slipped it over his wings.  Once they were through safely, he pulled it over his head and tucked his arms through the sleeves.  He turned and smiled.
“Thank you.”
“It’s the least I can do after you saved my life.  Not to mention you’re helping get me home.”
He handed her a piece of bread with some cheese.  “I thought you were dreaming,” he teased.
Kate tried to smile, but couldn’t.  “Getting pulled into the lake, feeling like I was going to die… that didn’t feel like anything I’ve ever dreamt before.”
Quallen sat beside her, but facing away from the fire so his wings could dry.  “Well, whether this is a dream or not, we’ll get you home.  Promise.”

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