Tuesday, 6 August 2019

#teasertuesday Displaced

Just a little something for you on this Teaser Tuesday. :D 

“Kendall, please. Sit down.”
He barely glanced at Jasper before resuming his pacing.  “What’s taking so long?”
“Kendall, I need you to sit down so I can heal your face.”  Hayden blew an exasperated breath out of her nose. 
“I’m fine.”
“You are not fine!”  She walked into his path and he was forced to stop.   Before he could move, she’d pulled a green healing wave from the air and pressed it onto his face. 
He hissed as the cut over his eye repaired itself.
“Here.”  Brice handed him a shot of jeckden and a mug of sloan.
Kendall shot back the first and gulped down the second.  The alcohol did nothing to ease the heavy feeling in his chest.  He sat heavily, his face in his hands.
“I need you to try, Hayden.  You’ve done it twice now.  You can do it again.”
“Kendall, I can’t!  The first time was an accident and this last time I knew who I was moving and to where.  I can’t send you to Thistendal on purpose.  I have no point of reference.  What if I send you in the complete opposite direction?”
“I can’t just sit here!”  He resumed his pacing. 
Everyone looked up as the door opened to reveal Marilynn.  Her eyes found Kendall.  “Is the bluebird telling the truth?”
He nodded.  “I need to get to Thistendal. I need to bring them home.”
The high sorceress ran her hands over her face.  “I don’t have the power to send you that far.  No one does.”
“Hayden does!”  The words echoed in the cabin.  He took a long deep breath to calm himself.  “I’m sorry, Hayden.  I….”  He swallowed hard. 
She hugged him close.  “It’s alright.  We’ll figure it out.  I promise.”
“What if you, Marilynn, and Rainen got together?”  Brice took a drink of his sloan.
Marilynn shook her head.  “While we’d likely have enough magic, we have no idea what Thistendal is like.  For us to displace that far, we’d need an exact point of reference to focus on.”
“There has to be away.”  Kendall looked from one sorceress to the other.
“The Gysps?”  Knowing how torn his friend was, Jasper tried not to laugh at Hayden’s glare.  She’d never forgiven the sea faring folk for calling her cursed.
“Maybe.”  Marilynn chewed on her lip thoughtfully.  “Though they won’t be back on our shores for at least another three months.”
Kendall poured himself another shot of jeckden and made it disappear.  “That’s too long.”
“Wait!”  Hayden’s grin gave him hope.  If anyone was going to be able to figure something out, it was going to be Hayden.  “I know how you’ll get there!”  She stood on her tiptoes and kissed his cheek.  “Go home, clean up, and pack your bags. I have an idea but it will take me a day to see if it will work.”
He frowned, though her excitement was starting to rub off on him. “What are you thinking?”
She shook her head.  “Just come back tomorrow. I don’t want to get your hopes up in case it doesn’t work.”  She gave him another hug.  “Now, go.”