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The Ghost Files COVER REVEAL!!

The Ghost Files Volume 3 By Apryl Baker Summary from Goodreads: One, two, the ghosts are coming for you… Three, four, better salt your door… Five, six, death and hatred mix… Seven, eight, help will come too late… Nine, ten, never reap again… Seventeen year old, Mattie Hathaway, has enough on her plate without having to deal with the latest teenage ghost drama. The ghosts of eight murdered girls are out for her blood. They blame Mattie for their deaths. She has to figure out what happened to them before they make sure she ends up just like them…dead and angry. Not only that, but she has to face the greatest fear of her young life, the death of someone she loves. Can she let nature take its course or will she interfere and cause the balance of life and death to spiral out of control? She’s out of time, and doesn’t know if she should trust Silas, the demon who has taken a very disturbing interest in her or her father, a man just as evil as Silas. Either way, she has to make a choice. But what will it cost her and those she loves?
Coming June 10, 2014 From Limitless Publishing
The Ghost Files Series: Soon to be a major motion picture!!
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Hot Blooded by Kendall Grey COVER REVEAL!

If Robert Rodriquez (Sin City), Tony Soprano, and David Lynch (Twin Peaks) made sweet love to a Hawaiian version of The Bride (Uma Thurman’s character from Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill), the resulting spawn might look like Kendall Grey’s upcoming mystery/suspense/supernatural thriller, HOT-BLOODED.
The first installment in the Ohana series, HOT-BLOODED is set on the island of Maui and is wrapped in the light and dark watercolors of Hawaiian culture, history, and mythology. It’s about guns, drugs, surfing, and tiki monsters. HOT-BLOODED tells the tale of a ballsy, half-Hawaiian angel-turned-demon, the duplicitous assassin who falls for her, and the blessings and curses of family—all wrapped up in freaky, supernatural gift paper.
Here’s the description:
WARNING: HOT-BLOODED does NOT end with a happily ever after. It contains drug use and graphic sex, language, and violence. The story is intended to entertain, not to condone or glorify illegal or immoral activities. This book is unsuitable for sensitive readers and those under the age of 18.
*Written in 3rd person. Contains a massive cliffhanger and multiple POVs.
Ohana is everything…
When an accident claims her mother’s life, Keahilani Alana must take charge of her ohana (family) or risk losing what little they have. With an underage brother to care for and no education, she has few options. The door to a heavenly hellish opportunity opens when she stumbles upon a valuable secret her mother left behind on the slopes of an extinct volcano—a legacy that tempts the family with riches beyond their wildest dreams. But the secret is much bigger and more sinister than they realize. As reality unravels and exposes eerie truths about the ohana that should have remained deep under the mountain, Keahilani must either resist the call of her blood or risk being consumed by its darkness.
Blake Murphy is an assassin working to infiltrate a new Hawaiian cartel. His investigation reveals that Keahilani, the sexy surfing instructor he pegged as an informant, is much closer to the drug ring than he thought. Passion ignites between them in the bedroom, but their ironclad ties to opposing interests pit them against each other everywhere else.
When tensions reach the breaking point and her ohana is threatened, the only cure for Keahilani’s hot-blooded fury is a loaded clip with a body bag chaser.
They don’t call her Pele for nothing.
Here’s the cover, designed by Renee Coffey:

So, are you up for a steamy, violent descent into tropical-island madness with a supernatural twist? If so, you can add HOT-BLOODED to your Goodreads TBR here. The release date hasn’t been announced yet, but Kendall is shooting for the end of June or early July. Stay tuned!
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Monday, 26 May 2014

Teaser Tuesday (A Witteck's Call)

One of the reasons I am loving this book is because I get to introduce Danny in so much more detail in this series.  I fell in love with him in The Chosen One Trilogy and knew he'd be a bigger part of this series.  So, for today's Teaser Tuesday, here's a bit of Danny for you. :)

Danny awoke feeling disoriented.  No, that wasn’t the right word for it.  He knew where he was which was at home in his den by Sageden.  He ran a hand through his dark auburn hair and it came away wet with sweat.  His heart was beating so hard he thought it might break out of his chest.  What in the world had that dream been about?  He took a deep breath and went to the kitchen where he splashed cool water on his face.  He leaned against the counter and growled.  It wasn’t hard to see what the dream was about.  It was everything else in it that didn’t make sense.
He looked out of the window and saw that the sun was starting to rise.  If he left now and took his time he would get to Jasper and Hayden’s clearing without having to worry about waking them.  If anyone knew anything about dreams, it was Hayden.
Danny made his way back to the bedroom, pulled on pants and an extra thick tunic, strapped on his dagger and looked in the mirror.  His light green eyes were squinted with his frown.  Make sure you don’t frown when you get there.  Hayden will think something is wrong.  It’s just a dream.
“I’ll be home in a bit, Gwynn.”  He cut up some cheese and placed it in a bowl for the little habir.  The small black catlike animal barely opened his red eyes to acknowledge Danny’s comment.
“That’s the appreciation you get for saving a habir,” mumbled Danny as he made his way out the door.
He took his time and walked leisurely in the direction of Jasper and Hayden’s clearing.  The air was crisp in the morning light.  A light fog covered the area and the trees and shrubs were covered in frost.  He smiled.  It was so peaceful.  His footsteps crunched in the snow, loud against the silence of the morning.
A rabbit darted across his path.  Danny shifted and leapt after it, his small fox feet barely making any noise as he ran after his prey.  The rabbit darted one way then the other and came to a stop, cornered against the side of a tall bank of frozen earth.  It didn’t have time to cry out.  Danny stuck it in his bag and carried on with his walk.  Along the way he stopped to pick some mashams, a white mushroom that only grew in the snow.  Hayden could use them for breakfast along with the rabbit.
He thought back to his dream, a bit surprised that he could remember it so clearly.  So much of it made sense.  Now that he considered it, only one part of it didn’t make sense.  He shook his head.  It was because of this one part that none of it made sense.  He sighed with relief as the clearing appeared ahead of him through the trees.
He walked up to the cabin quietly, not sure if they were awake or not.  The fire was going inside, but with Hayden always being cold, it was never let to burn itself out at all in the winter.  He stood, undecided, and was about to shift so he could curl up and wait when the front door opened.  Jasper smiled at him.
“Hayden wants to know why you’re just standing outside.  Come in, Danny.”
Danny grinned.  “I wasn’t sure if you were awake yet.”
Jasper laughed.  “Hayden hasn’t been able to eat anything for two days and today she wakes me up to tell me she could eat a horse.  I was about to start breakfast.  Will you be staying?”
He nodded.  “Here, I got these on the way over.”  He handed the bag with the rabbit and the mashams to his friend.  “It still amazes me she can do that.”
“What’s that?” asked Hayden as they entered the living room.
“How you can tell people are here without them telling you.”
She groaned.  “It’s this whole pregnancy thing.  I remember my cousin telling me that when she was pregnant all of her senses were hypersensitive.  I had no idea it would affect my magic as well.”  She smiled.  “What brings you here so early in the morning?”
He looked to the front of the fireplace where Kip, their Australian Shepherd, stretched and groaned.  Tiny, the little white tairat, squeaked her annoyance as her bed moved.  He sat on the floor and petted both of them.
“I was hoping you could help me answer a question.”
“Alright.  What’s the question?”
“Well, I had a dream last night.  It, well...”  He blushed.
Jasper laughed and Hayden shushed him.
“Oh, come now, Shlova.  It’s funny the first time anyone tries to explain a fated dream.  I never told anyone when I started dreaming of you for the simple fact that all I had to do was think about it and I would turn red.”  He leaned down, kissed her softly and stepped behind the counter to start breakfast.
Hayden smiled and turned back to Danny.  “So you’re fated?”
He nodded.  “That’s not the confusing part.  I mean, that part was obvious enough.”  He tried to block the images and feel of the dream so he wouldn’t blush again, but the caress of long black hair against his skin, of soft lips against his, pushed their way to the surface and the blood rose to his face.  “By the moons, it’s who’s in the dream that’s a bit of a mystery.”
Hayden frowned.  “Well, you’re not supposed to know who you’re fated to.  That’s why most people go years without finding their mate.”
He shook his head.  “No, no.  I mean I can’t tell what kind of being she is.”
Hayden’s eyes widened and Jasper stopped cutting the mashams.
The dream made its way up again and Danny had to stifle a groan.  He wasn’t a tall man by any means, being a fox had guaranteed him that, but if she made his five and a half feet look tall then she had to be quite short.  The feel of her petite body under his hands almost overwhelmed him and he got up to get a glass of water.  He took a long swallow.
“At first it seemed as clear cut as could be.  Long black hair, clear blue eyes... small.”  He shook his head to clear the images forming there.  “By the moons, do you have anything stronger than water?”
Jasper smiled, nodded, and poured him a shot of jeckden.  He waited until he was done the drink before pouring them both a mug of sloan and Hayden a glass of juice.
“So she’s either human, Maj, or Namael.”  Hayden took her juice and took a cautious sip of it.
Danny took a long drink of his sloan.  “That’s what I thought.”  He closed his eyes and felt the blood moving up his neck.  “Then I run my hand through her hair, see?  Then it stops making sense.  It’s her ears.  They’re pointy.”
“A Wedelve?”  Jasper shrugged.  “You’d be the first shifter and Weldelve fated couple that we know of, but with all of the interbeing fating happening these days, it shouldn’t be too surprising that it’s finally happened.”
“But that’s just it.  She doesn’t have the coloring of a Wedelve.  Her skin isn’t an earth tone like them.  It’s the same color as yours and mine.  Oh!  And the tattoo!  It’s like mine and Hayden’s healers’ tattoos, only under the other eye, and instead of being a green vine it’s of three silver stars.”
He looked from Hayden to Jasper who were both frowning.  Jasper’s gaze moved to his mate and his eyes widened. 
“What if you’re not the only one, Shlova?”
“What do you mean?”
“What if you’re not the only human and Wedelve cross here?”
Danny frowned.  “But Hayden doesn’t have pointy ears.”
“No, but that doesn’t mean another offspring of that breeding might not acquire that genetic trait.”
“You might be right, Hun.  The only thing that wouldn’t match with that idea is the tattoo.  I’ve never even heard of a tattoo like that around here.”
“See what I mean?”  Danny finished off his mug of sloan.
“Will you go looking for her?”  Hayden got up and sniffed the fried rabbit and mashams Jasper was putting on a plate for her.  When the smell didn’t make her stomach upset she smiled and sat down to take an experimental bite.
“I don’t see the point at this moment.  I’d have no idea where to start looking.”
Jasper handed him a plate.  “Just wait.  The more dreams you have, the more details you’ll notice.  Maybe you’ll see something that will give you a clue.”  He watched as Hayden put a masham in her mouth and chewed cautiously then smiled when she took another bite.
“Thank the moons, I was starting to think you were going to starve to death before this baby was born.”  He kissed her on the forehead.
She smiled.  “I think it likes mashams.”
Everyone turned to the hall door.  Danny smiled.
“Hello, Nina.”
The ten year old Maj smiled shyly and gave a small wave before entering the kitchen and making herself a plate.
Jasper kissed her forehead.  “Are your brother and sister still sleeping?”
She nodded and went to sit beside Hayden who hugged her close.
The conversation turned the Wittecks and Danny forgot about the mystery of his future mate for a while.

So, there you have it. A little of Danny's predicament in this next novel. :D Stay tuned for more updates on your favorite beings from Quelondain!

Stay safe, Sweetlings!

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Teaser Tuesday!!

I thought I'd pop in and let you all know that things are rolling along with A Witteck's Call, the second book in The Witteck Chronicles series.  I'm hoping for a July release if all goes to plan.
One of the things I love about Quelondain is the relationships between the characters there.  Two beings who are starting to steal my heart are Danny and Brice.  The human and Maj have turned into my comic relief.  They crack me up.  In this scene, the best friends are on their way up to the Northern Regions to try and find out more about the Wittecks' orbs.  Along the way, they run into a pack of rogues.  Danny, being a healer, takes it upon himself to heal one of the injured humans though it could cost him his own life.
So, here it is. :D
Today's teaser.

“Danny, look out!”  Braydon ran toward the fox who was trying to get up.  The snow under him was bright with blood.  His opponent grinned and stalked over, ready to finish the job.  Braydon’s shoulder exploded with pain as he tackled the man.  He managed to grab the dagger and forced it to the ground.  Danny moaned as he stood, shifted and pulled his dagger.  He slid the blade over the man’s throat, gave Braydon a pat on the shoulder then sat heavily on the ground.
“By the moons, Danny!  Are you alright?”  Brice knelt beside him and handed him his pack.
“I’ll live.”  He hissed through his teeth as he pulled his bloody tunic over his head and looked down at the cut that ran long his right side.  “I think he managed to break a rib.”
Brice made as if he was about the touch the injured area and stopped at the growl that rumbled through his friend.
“Just hand me the needle and thread.”  Danny inspected the cut and frowned.
“Here, Danny.  Have a shot of jeckden.”  Matthew handed him the bottle and he took two long swallows of it.
Brice cringed as Danny took a deep breath and clenched his teeth as he set to work closing the gash.  By the end of the process he was sweating and shaking so hard that Brice was sure the smaller man would faint.
He tied off the thread.
“More jeckden?”
Danny shook his head.  “I have to finish with Katie.”  He got up and made his way back to her side.
“You’re hurt.”  She frowned.
“I’ve had worse.  Now, I’ll get you to lay as still as possible.”  He looked at Braydon who had followed him in.  “I’m going to use my energy.  I’ll push it into her so that she has enough for me to heal her.”
“Danny, are you sure?”  Brice knelt beside him.  “You know you’ve been having problems controlling that one.  Hayden told you not to use it yet.”
“I can’t just let her die knowing that I might be able to save her.”  He grinned. “You know what to do if I get caught in it.  Here’s your chance to knock me around without me fighting back.  Push me off and break the connection like we’ve been doing at home.”
Brice nodded.  He wiped his hands on his pants nervously and watched Danny go through the motions of pulling waves out of the air.  Danny closed his eyes and Brice saw a shiver run through him.  Braydon frowned as Katie jerked under the healer’s hands.  Brice shook his head when it looked like he might interfere. 
“How are you doing, Danny?”  Brice was watching for the telltale signs that would alert him that Danny was losing too much energy.
“I’m good.  Just a bit more should do it.”  He smiled to show he wasn’t lying.  Suddenly, Danny slumped and Katie jerked violently.  Brice tackled his friend away from the woman.
“By the moons, Danny, wake up!”  He shook his friend and gave him small slaps to the face.  “Why did you try?  Without Hayden here to bring you back…”  He didn’t finish the thought.  “I swear, Danny, if you don’t wake up, I’ll beat you to a pulp.”  He exhaled with relief as Danny coughed and cracked open an eye.
“That hardly seems fair considering I’d be defenseless.  What the hell were you waiting for?  Spring?”  He groaned and sat up holding his head in his hands.  “Here’s hoping that was enough.”  He knelt by Katie once again and pulled a different wave over her.  “Come one, Katie, do this for me.”
She jerked and Danny smiled.  Katie moaned as everything mended.  He rocked back onto his heels then settled himself against the cave wall.
“Thank the moons!”  Braydon pulled his mate to his chest.  “Thank you, Danny.”  He looked over Katie’s shoulder to the Maj.  Danny nodded, closed his eyes, and leaned his head back.
Katie pulled away from Braydon and put hand on Danny’s arm.  “Are you alright?”
“I’ll be fine.  I just need to sleep to make up the energy I gave you.”
Brice pulled their blankets out and made a bed on the floor of the cave.  “Here’s as good a place as any.  At least I can guard the entrance.  Lay down.”
Danny smirked, his green eyes smiling.  “You’re my mother now, are you?”
Brice grunted and grinned.  “If I was your mother you’d have grown a few more inches.”  The two of them laughed.  Brice took a deep breath and shook his head.  “Don’t do that again without Hayden around, alright?”
“I’m not promising.”  Danny groaned and pushed away from the wall.  “Pass me a clean shirt, will you?”  He made to pull the tunic over his head and gasped.
“Here.  Let me help.”  Katie tugged gently on the sleeve and helped him put it on.
“Thank you.”  He lay down and looked up at Brice.  “Don’t do anything stupid while I’m sleeping.”
“Like what?”
Danny grunted.  “Who knows with you.  And don’t drink all the jeckden.”  He smiled.  “I’m going to need some when I wake up.”