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Giveaway! Where to Belong by W J Smith

Where to Belong

Madison is an ex-con artist who has now lived by the rules for eight years following the tragic death of her fiance. She has made a new life for herself in Chicago despite the challenges of honest work. Her world flips upside-down once again when she runs into her best friend that she left behind in a desperate attempt to escape the dangerous lifestyle they were leading, only to find out he is in deeper than she could have ever imagined. They are forced to team up with the hope to shield one another while still dealing with the abrupt separation that left them both secretly heartbroken. When not only her way of life, but also the life of her dearest friend is threatened by an old associate, will it be enough for her to continue as a law abiding citizen, or will she be forced back into the line of work that claimed the love of her life?

My review:
First of all I have to say, I love the cover to this book. The lit city overlooking the river... it's beautiful. I can imagine myself on this side of it, listening to the hustle and bustle as it makes its way over the water. 
The story behind that cover? Just as amazing. 'Where to Belong' is a heart wrenching and heart warming story about a woman who, after losing everything dear to her, can't seem to find where or who she should be. Madison is a great character. I love the way she feels she doesn't fit in when really, to those around her, she does. Skyler? Well, throw me in that river to cool me off! You might be starting to notice I have a thing for dark, brooding, protective men that still have enough sense to let their women act as individuals. *sigh* I just found another one. And Chase... well, every book needs that character that makes you laugh out loud. I mean, who doesn't love bursting out laughing when you're in the doctor's office or on the bus? Those sideways glances and raised eyebrows are enough to set anyone off again.
'Where to Belong' is very well written. It is packed with surprises, emotions, and situations that will keep you reading so you can find out what happens. My ultimate favourite part in this story involves the river. I can't tell you about it because it will give spoilers, but I remember when I finished the scene all I could think was, 'holy crap! I can't believe Skyler planned that!'... and off I went to finish reading because I HAD to know if his plan had worked.
This story line could fit under a number of genres... mystery, thriller, romance. If you're a fan of any of those, you're sure to enjoy this novel.
I'm giving 'Where to Belong' five out of five stars and I can't wait to see what Miss Smith's next novel will be.

Memorable part:
The blaring movie and the flashing of the TV screen faded into the background. It was just the two of them. The world and its unceasing problems left them alone for a short time. That was until Chase came bursting onto the scene positively glowing from his night out.

"Honey, I'm home," he called as he swung the door open, no other warning whatsoever of his arrival. "Sweet mother of Neptune!" he cried when he realized his poor timing.

Excerpt: The elevator doors were beginning to close when she turned the corner.  She put on an extra burst of speed and lunged for them, just barely catching them before they could meet.  She went to the buttons and repeatedly mashed the one that would shut out her pursuer.  The doors finally started to respond.  She pressed against the far wall of the elevator and held her breath as the sluggish doors began to merge.  Her escape was within reach.  But then a hand caught the doors and they slid open once again.

She regretted dropping the scissors when she had left his apartment.  Not that she would use them on him, but maybe they would have deterred him.  Skyler rushed into the elevator and stared at her.  His expression was hard to read, possibly anger or fear.  Either way she didn't hesitate to fight against him.
The doors started to close again, and she let out a scream.  Skyler grabbed hold of her and covered her mouth, pulling her to him in an unyielding grasp.  He was shushing her and hit the stop button on the elevator panel.  The enclosure came to an abrupt halt.
"Be still," he growled.  "I'm trying to help you."
Madison bit the hand he held over her mouth and jabbed her elbow into his hard stomach.  "I was doing just fine without you!"
He wrestled with her and pinned her arms.  "I know," he puffed as she continued to fight against him. "I'm sorry."
She only slowed when the pain in her belly caused her focus to blur.  Her breath escaped her, and she lost her footing.  Skyler's hold lessened at her hesitation and she pushed away from him.  She didn't get far.  She had nowhere to turn.  He dragged her back to him and pulled something from his pocket, sticking her in the arm.
Madison knew what it was without seeing it.  He had dosed her again.  She let out a frustrated cry and fought against him as long as her wilting energy would allow.  He muttered apologies and slowly sank to the floor with her.

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